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Meet Michelle

I am Michelle,
​         I am unlike anyone you’ll ever meet. I’m a revolutionary; a rebel.
I bring radical authenticity and radical honesty to my leadership practice.
I’m a natural disruptor, actively seeking to destroy
what’s not working – in my life – and yours if you choose to work with me.
In my life, I have risen above enormous challenges. Through it all I knew there was greatness in me;
important things that I needed to do in this one incredible life
I had been given and nothing was going to hold me back.
Now, through my work, the relationships I have built
and the incredible women I work with, I continue to rise.
         Unapologetic and fierce, I lead from where I live. My life is a testament to what living
as an undeniable leader looks like.
I have created the impossible in my life and I know I can guide you to that place
within yourself – from where you will effortlessly crush "impossible" goals in your life.
         This is my personal vision and mission.
I know that when I help a client 10X her impact and 10X her income
while multiplying her peace, that I am living the maximum vision for my life.
        I created this world to help as many people as possible create their very own Undeniable Universe. A way of living on your terms and creating the life you want.

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